Aug 30, 2014


"Ganpati Bappa Moraya"

To quote Charlie Sheen from the pilot episode of "Two and Half a Man" - Ganpati festival is that time of the year when it feels like anything is possible. He is speaking about Christmas of course.

Not that there are no thoughts lingering your psyche, but somehow you are convinced that they will be alright in the coming weeks. Right now you focus on enjoying the moment. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Enjoy making fun of someone singing a bit loud and complain about small trivial things on how the sweet was not so perfect. Not like last time.

That is what the Lord makes us do, I think. A few days of the year tells us to forget about difficult things in life and gives us confidence to tackle them well later.

Photo - Ganesh worshiped in our native place at Khudipat in Deogad Taluka of Sindhudurga Maharashtra. 

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Sharath said...

"Enjoy making fun of someone singing a bit loud" Who is he/she?