May 27, 2017

1 Mile Challenge

I won the 1 Mile Challenge at our gym this spring. It was a six weeks challenge starting April 1st. We were challenged to do the following

1)Climb 25 floors of stairs - Had to go up and down 5 times in our 5 floored office building.
2)Bike 1 mile on stationary bike
4)Treadmill 1 Mile Run
5)Jump Role - 2000
6)100 Burpees 

We were given 5 points for completing each activity. It was required to be done three times a week. Best among each category got 5 extra points. Climbing 25 floors looked overwhelming me to when I saw the challenge and thought this isn't for me. After a casual chat with our gym instructor Zack, I thought that its wise to give it a shot. I could do it and didn't think it was too hard. That helped me to take the challenge. I am glad that I did. At the last attempt in stair climbing, I was listening to Power of Habit. That's a beautiful coincidence.

Hardest part of the challenge was jumping rope for 2000 count. Not continuous of course, but it got really hard after first 500. Last 500 were brutal. Calves burn and mind tells to stop. That might be the reason, no one did it more than once. Burpees were fun too.

This is the first time that I won anything athletic. I am thankful to Zack for being an awesome gym instructor. Gauri and Bela are  always cooperative especially I when am tired after a hard workout.
They are amazing. Looking forward to more fun years to come. Thank God.

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