Mar 4, 2017

Never Eat Alone

Been listening to audio books this year and have started to get used to them. Although I miss the ease of note taking with real books, audio books are a lot easier to listen to. I don't think I can retain a whole lot from the books but more will stick if I re-listen to them. Taking notes and rehearsing them is one of the important parts of learning.

Never Eat Alone teaches nuances of developing the networking habit. 

My takeaways from the book are - 

1)Importance of keeping in touch. 
2)Keeping score - not a good idea. 
3)Be mentored and mentor 
4)Ask for help. 
5)Be honest. Think about the purpose of making the connect. If the motives are good, we will be in harmony and maintain balance. 

One may get the impression that suggestions in the book are simple. Yet they are not easy. But that's why they are worth doing. 

The book captivated me the most at the ending chapters. Remembered things which excite me the most. Also remembered the joy I got after recording audio books in 2010. I recommend the book because it backed a few things I have been doing all these years. Do read it to get the big picture and not the minutia of how to network.

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