Jan 18, 2017

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable

I am trying to cultivate habit of "listening" to audiobooks. I sure miss the ability to take notes and underline while reading a book, but someone reading out to me make makes reading less effortful. Also it lets me "read" rather "listen" when I am tired and just want to crash in bed. Those five minutes of someone reading out to me makes me feel pampered.

Linchpin was suggested to me by a friend who has been reading the audiobook way over two years now. And I must say that it was a good suggestion.

Linchpin is loud thinking on what makes one indispensable. It talks about difference between the "scarcity" thinking and "abundance" thinking. Tells us that all of us are artists and need to nurture the art in us.

I liked the part about lizard brain. It reinforced by belief that we need take a note of our chain of thoughts but know where to park them. Learn how much to indulge and when. Our thoughts are our creations and we would want to have control over them. Not a totalitarian reign but rather warm amicable relation.

I will reread the book a few times more. Nicely done.

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