Aug 11, 2015

Shrunkhala Payi Asude

Baba Amte, was a great social servant. His innovative ways of thinking and living made the life of leapers easy and respectable. He taught us to love and be brave. Baba was so fearless that he fought a tigress to save a kid in his ashram. He was the last Gandhian. Recently I came across a nice poem by Baba. Creation be it institution building or writing a poetry was Baba’s second nature. Thought I will translate it in English, to better understand it myself. This will be my tribute to Gandhi and his ideals on Gandhi Jayanti.

Let there be chains

Let there be chains, I sing the song of speed
My tears don’t have enough time to be morose

I shed countless tears in isolation
I was scared of my own shadows
There was hate, hate for me
All my doors were shut, I was hopeless
With beggars bowls in hand, determined lives walked
In spite of all that pity, throwing bits of bread from a distance
It was a struggle against my own blood, celebrating agony

On that long way came a historic moment
Loners met and we formed a holy possession
Amidst the wild creatures in the scary jungles
The leapers had every step as a tough test
Deserted people and deserted, hopeless barren land
We saw a season change, strengthening our weak hands
Every organs of ours was on fire
Tears and sweat were in great romance
We found triumph in pain, celebrating agony.

Dormant storms became a tsunami
For the new generation we were the path breakers
Leapers will have strong able hands to co-operate
We will create something, something new
Our fields will bear tomorrows dreams
Our knowledge will do something useful, we will have able leaders
This entire struggle dedicated to the purpose, celebrating agony.

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