Jul 12, 2015


It has been so many years that the mango tree we planted is growing at such a boringly slow pace. Let us call him "Amar". Amar is so consistent at this steady growth that I feel that he is spending time rooting under ground rather than vertical growth.

I know that the reason for slow growth is lack of good sunshine a mango tree craves for. But that is not stopping our Amar from wanting to grow. Is he getting older, each rainy season, enduring the stunted growth and teaching lessons every new year? I hear that the neighboring piece of land which has large trees casting their shadow on Amar, is being developed. This might mean Amar bounty of sunshine, something he has been waiting for so many years. And that time we will see what he can do. Trick is he will be able to do it only because he sustained not so favorable times these seven years. 

Here is how Amar looked like in 2008. 

Expecting mango bounty for the year 2017. God Speed.

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