May 4, 2015

Nepal earthquake - Request for help

Hello Friends,

Good afternoon. My friend Kavita has shared request from her team member requesting funds to – relief and rehabilitation efforts – in Nepal.

I think this is an opportunity to contribute and be assured that money is going to the right people/cause. Please check on how to donate in the details below email me. 

Details from my friend's team member are as follows - 

Hello Team,

I was chatting with my cousin , Ankita Joshi, who went to school in Mankato MN and later worked at Thomson Reuters. 

She is currently in Nepal working with WHR Nepal ( - more info at

Among other activities that they are involved in, they are focusing on Nuwakot ( and planning on distributing relief materials to people in need soon, so I am assuming their focus for now is outside of Kathmandu valley.

They are currently looking for some funds around $10K initially. I have raised 200 dollars so far for this cause. So if you haven’t donated, this might be a good opportunity to see your funds go directly to the people in need.

The donation link is on their webpage

Also, WHR Nepal is working with the data team to ensure every donor knows where the funds are going. So some level of transparency and assurance there.

Here is Ankita’s email - ankita.joshi256 at the rate Let me or her know if you need more information on this.

Thanking you all for your support and kindness.

Please check the following document explaining more about what is/will be done. 


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