May 20, 2015

31 May 2008, Saturday

I wrote something in my binder. Wanted to write it here on the first anniversary, did not find the binder.

Here I go:

Went cycling. Must be over 100 kilometers. That too on a primitive, unserviced cycle. It was amazing. Water was getting evaporated from the skin. Salts were forming on the hands, thighs and face. After 80 kms, every other km was a pain. Left knee was paining, so walked on steeps after 80.

Highways are cruel. Lots of dust around. Trucks and trolleys. All industrial area. Must have drunk at least 7 liters but felt no particular need to urinate. Water was evaporating on the skin itself. Was out for 11 hours. Must be on the saddle for 8 hours. It was great. The route I took was Kothrud - Pune Station - Wagholi - Lonikand - Samranwadi - Ranjangaon and back. The Mahaganapati temple at Ranjangaon is awesome.

I must use this energy to focus and excel.

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