Mar 5, 2015

Jerold my Guru

Lord Dattatreya had 24 gurus. I did not who they were, but reading about them made me realize the rich tradition and heritage we have been inherited with. Many times, I don't sit back and think about rituals we do. But when I do, it makes me marvel. Our rituals, folk lore and stories make what we are. That according to me is culture.

So now let's talk about Jerold. I talked to him yesterday and realized that he has to be one of my gurus. I for sure am not as blessed as the Lord Dattatreya, so will need at least 2400 Gurus to get good.

Jerold cuts hair for a living. But I haven't seen such strong barber yet. He was telling someone that he will go to the gym in evening and while we were talking I asked him about his workouts. He told me that he works out three times a week. His workout includes jumping rope, bench press, dead lifts, planks and abs. It doesn't take him more than an hour to get it done. Impressive.

Jerold continued. He told me that he doesn't lie, doesn't eat sweets and sugary food and gets his bean and meat. He told me that he tries to gulp in a gallon of water and doesn't drink or smoke. As clean as you can be. And because he doesn't lie, he gets a good nights sleep. It was all impressive, but there is more.

After listening to him (in awe) I asked Jerold - what is his age? He said he is 62 years old. I said, man, you are an old man. We chuckled at that.

So much for an ideal lifestyle.


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