Mar 4, 2015


What happens when I drink two cups of coffee in a day instead of my usual one cup?

1) I am not able to sleep properly and it means that I am going to have trouble getting up early the next day. If I am low on willpower I might miss my workout as well.
2) Yesterday's two cups might make me have two today. Yeah, that's because caffeine is addictive in nature. I know it, don't I? 

So that cup of free coffee was not really free. It came with a cost. Like everything.

Need to think and act, on how small things have affect on overall well being. Good learning. 

Addendum :

Now we get lots of free entertainment online. Youtube and plethora of online steaming sites. But is more the merrier, even when it comes to entertainment?

1)I remember listening to Natyasangeet on radio and few cassettes we had with my grandfather Dada . Dada had some training on tabla. He knew stuff about "taal" or beats. He also had a habit of going to music shows at Kala Academy in Panaji. He used to note down the songs he listened to; and then compare his notes with report published about the concert in newspaper the next day. I think the time Dada had from "scarcity of music available at a mouse click" helped him develop taste for music.

2)There is no dearth of free "How To" videos on Internet. How to answer an interview, how to write a good email, how to learn to play piano etc. But anyone who has tried hands at them, come to appreciate value of a teacher. Value of face to face interaction. Anything worth while has a cost.

3)When I do something just because it's free, I need to remember that I am spending most valuable resource - time for this free thing.

Recommended video.

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