Feb 24, 2015

Must Read - The Gates Notes

I have found a way to do something worthwhile when I mean to aimlessly surf. It's so simple that I hate why I did not think of it earlier. Solution is read one blog from Gates Notes at a time.

Why do it?

1) Bill Gates writes (a lot) about things that are going to have a positive impact on the world and reading about good things helps me to stay positive. Things he has done have as much impact as the UN, I hear. Crazy. Good crazy.
2) He writes to the point. It is crisp and will not take more than 10 minutes to read one post. 
2) Helps me gain positive energy and insights even when I am in a mood to surf aimlessly. This should work the same way as walking while talking on phone works good to add more activity every day, I talk on phone.

And according to me reading one post every day, works best. It is so easy to do everyday and it gives enough time to think on things Bill says.

Wish me best luck. 

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