Feb 26, 2015

Getting in shape - Statement of Purpose

It has been a month or so that we started eating right, working out and generally taking care of health. Seen good results because of the few changes made. Thinking of documenting the progress and importantly what we did and what worked on a month to month basis.

Each one is different, so this may not be copy + paste guide, but should give fairly good idea about the process.

Why should I spend time on it?

1) I have learnt a lot from the Internet, our notes might help someone who wants to be healthy.
2) In case we falter from what we intend to do, revisiting these notes will be both motivational and educational.

That was the statement of purpose for keeping a note of things that worked for getting in shape.

Also in-order to avoid dangers of premature optimization, we will not publish the posts till the changes really work. From a realistic standpoint, I think we should be good to publish 12 posts by the end of March 2016.

Weight is not the only parameter for a healthy body and mind, but it does give a general idea. So it will be a good number to track.

To start with I weighed - 210 pounds = 95.45 kilos on 23 January 2015. Looking forward for a much leaner me in March 2016.