Nov 11, 2014

Dr. Prakash Baba Amte: The Real Hero

Baba Amte and his sons, Vikas and Prakash Amte are well known in social circles in Maharashtra. The Amte Family is known for their sacrifice and bold steps towards emancipation of the leprosy patients and adivasis. Pu La Deshpande has written at lengths on Baba and his work. The movie - Dr. Prakash Baba Amte: The Real Hero is a biopic of Baba's son - Dr. Prakash and his wife Mandakini, who worked with the adivasis in Hemalkasa in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. Gadchiroli is infamous for naxalwadi movement in its mineral rich forests too.

The biopic is engaging with many situations which demand reactions and thoughts from the viewers. Makes one to think what would I have done in this situation? Many times makes us marvel at these guys audacity to go out and help the natives with their knowledge of medicine. There is a scene of a women self delivering a baby and walking away with the baby after the delivery. After seeing this Manda Amte (Sonali Kulkarni) asks Prakash, "Do we need to be here really?" to which Prakash quips - "let us wait till they (the tribal people) realize what is a need, and then decide about it". There are quite a few such instances which I can quote here, but would like you to go and watch the movie.

The writer and director Samrouddhi Porey has done a good job with the research and script. I am sure Nana would have contributed himself too. This is because Nana has worked with Baba Amte and knows Prakash and Vikas personally (saw this in one of the promo interviews). Sonali and Nana look like real husband and wife now. This would have been due to the chemistry formed between the two during Taxi No 9211, Deool and now this movie. 

Why I liked the movie? 

  1.  Prakash has own thoughts. He is not just another "Baba Amte". How did I come to the conclusion - His thoughts on Dams and the Narmada Bachav Andolan. 
  2. Humor - They knew that it is not going to be easy. But the entire team worked as a well oiled machined, jovial and cracking jokes all the times. The scene where the first patient walks away is well shot. 
  3. Pleasant - saint like personalities - Most often than not people who sacrifice their life to greater causes tend to be irrational. Prakash and Manda have managed to maintain the balance and according to make that makes lot of difference.  
Inspirational story.

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