Nov 22, 2014

Creek ReLeaf Program

Today Gauri, Amit, Manas and I participated in "Creek Releaf Program" organized by "Charlotte MckLenburg Storm Water Services. Together volunteers planted over 1750 trees. From my (limited) understanding of trees around, most of the trees planted were native.

What I liked about the program -

  1. The program was neatly organized ensuring that all volunteers were told and trained what to do. Each tree planted was checked to ensure that it was planted the right way. We started and ended on the scheduled time.
  2. Each tree had a weed mat, protective cover to guard from deer and a pole to stand against flowing water and wind. 
  3. Last but not the least organizers took care to server hot coffee or chocolate milk before we started planting. It gave us the warmth to go out and dig on a chilly day. It was 32ish today morning.
One thing we could have done better -

  1. Clearly share address of the venue. We started early to reach early, but reached on time because we did not know exactly where to go. FYI - the address is - Henderson Park Rd Huntersville, NC 28078

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