Oct 20, 2014

Hackers and Painters

I had wanted to read this collection of essays from computer programmer (hacker) Paul Graham. Paul in addition to being a great at coding takes initiative in mentoring companies to succeed. Paul has co-founded the seed capital firm - "Y Combinator" He has written books on LISP too. He writes essays on his trade here.

All essays in the book are available online.A physical book has its own appeal and that is the reason why I was waiting to get hold of one.

Essays which I liked the most in this collection are -

  1. Taste for makers - Explains what design is.
  2. The Other Road Ahead - The tile of the book is parody of the the book by Bill Gates - "The Road Ahead" What I liked the most about this essay is that most predictions made by the author came true. 
  3. What you can't say - This essay is advise for smart people on what one can safely say without losing focus. I remembered Aaron Swartz while reading it. Remembered a friend who avoids unnecessary confrontations and says - "there are better things to do". 
There are a few essays explaining details about LISP Programming language and lisp programming technique. Although I did not understand much of it the author has made case for LISP elegantly.

Only one essay I did not read was one on - "Plan for Spam". I found it hard to understand. Will try to catch its online version.


Ashish said...

this list is good . Cheers

Ashish said...

this list is good. Cheers

Atul B. Jore said...

From his essays, I like the following more than others
The Top Idea in Your Mind
How to Make Wealth
What You'll Wish You'd Known

Priyaranjan Anand Marathe said...

Thanks Atul. I read the ones you recommended and liked - "What You'll Wish You'd Known".

Ashish - Read the book if you get hold of it.