Aug 6, 2014

Read "Code"

I have a friend who always appreciates me for being a voracious reader. I used to read a bit then and importantly used to "talk" about what I read. Of course I liked being called a reader. It is also true that I forgot most of what I read. Sometimes I remember something I read years ago like this and make it a point to share it. For that matter, I did not remember the plot of novel - "Kite Runner". The same friend of mine made me realize why the novel is important and lessons to take away from it.

During one of our talks he told me that he "Read" a lot of code. I did not get the concept of reading code then. Can't say that I got it fully still. But what he told me makes a lot of sense. I think reading good code is most important part of learning to program.

I get sleepy once I need to read large number of lines of code. How does one cope up? Do you face this problem? 

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