Aug 31, 2014

Katha Doan Ganpatraonchi

"Katha Doan Ganpatraonchi" is a movie based on film adaptation of the story - "The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich" by Nikolia Gogol. The same Gogol from which the protagonist of Mira Nair film, "The Namesake" is named after. The novel with the same name by Jhumpa Lahiri is worth reading too. I enjoyed reading it last year. Still remember Irfhan Khan saying, "We all come out from Gogol's 'Overcoat'. 

Mohan Agashe and Dilip Prabhavalkar have acted brilliantly in this movie. Although an adaptation from Russian, the writer/director are successful to integrate it into "Konkani" setup. Adapted it quite well to suit people from Sindhudurga, who spent fortunes over petty issues in the courts. 

Good dark comedy. Although the characters are no so tall to make it a tragedy, like all things "half baked Indian" this can be said to be a "half baked" local tragedy. Watch it if you get a chance. 

Photo - A house in Dhamapur, Malvan from Sindhudurga district of Maharashtra. 

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