Aug 30, 2014

A Lovely Walk

One early morning during Ganesh 2009, I took a long walk from Achare (Malvan taluka) to my native village Khudipath (Deogad taluka). It was lovely, moist humid day of September. Fields were lush green. Looking at the photos today, I am glad that I carried my camera with me. My Nikon Coolpix was a good companion.

Konkan is bestowed with many such small river/streams. My grandfather used to tell that they used to be full of water the entire year. Now they get dry by the end of April. Now with the news of mining industry being deregulated in this region (Western Ghats, Sindhudurga) this treasure of beauty and bio-diversity may be endangered. Will it get more jobs to this largely poor region? Let us wait and watch.

River bank again. Liked the color of the soil.

Lord Ganesh at the Rameshwar temple at Achara.

A small temple. Temples in Konkan are simple. Just like its people.


A new temple in concrete. To my eyes it doesn't feel as good as the simple old temples.

New born buffalo. See how his eyes shine. And he had a hair cut recently.