Jul 20, 2014


I remembered my professor at engineering college, Amonkar sir's favorite saying - "We want Bhagat Singh, but in neighbors house". Amonkar sir is no longer with us, but is fondly remembered for the work he did. The passion he inspired among students. Not all agreed with all the times, but he made sure that he left an impression. Although not uncommon it was new for students of our college then, to see a professor going in depth of the C++ language and making use of modern teaching techniques. Sir was definitely ahead of times, especially among his peers. Now I think that I should have learnt little bit more from him. Specially the lessons related to "attitude building". I still remember some of the things he did and said. Sir, rest in peace.

The reason I remember this is the movie, "Manjunath" and protagonist of the movie - Manjunath Shanmugam. This movie shows the struggle of Sasho Satiiysh Saarathy against corruption and food adulteration. Manjunath has to sacrifice his life in this fight and one good thing to emerge out of the movie, is the way his friends and alumni of IIMs unite to ensure that his murders are convicted. This Wikipedia article says that his murders are still not dead and waiting for results of their case in the Supreme Court. Yes, they are alive even after sentencing life sentence first in 2006. So Manjunath was killed before we started our career and has not got justice even after we got two promotions. This is the irony with the way justice served in our country. Anyways justice delayed is justice denied.

This is an awesome movie. Liked every part of it. In addition to Sasho, Kishore Kadam and Seema Biswas have acted really well as Manjunath's mon-dad. Rock music is used appropriately.

Few comments/notes about the whole story. In case you know the answers/ways to get to details please let me know.

  1. What are the duties of - marketing manager - with Indian Oil Corporation or any other Government Gas Company. 
  2. Is there any way to know status of a case in the Supreme Court? Example - I tried to check what happened to appeal in Supreme Court, on the Internet and did not get answers. 
  3. I think there must a in detail analysis of the case, the way it was presented before the court. Movies need to simplify facts because they have to present everything in two hours, but an article can explain better. Are there any such resources/books?

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sandyvarm said...

Hi guys, Thanks for the review. My name is sandeep varma, I wrote, directed and co produced the movie. Pls get in touch with me on sandeepvarm@gmail.com for your questions, I will try to reply to my best ability.