Jun 23, 2014

The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple

I saw the book - "The Rules : The Way of the Cycling Disciple" sitting on new arrivals shelf of the local library. The book was a tiny tome, hardbound and much "Bible" like. Having spent sometime on the saddle made me pick it up right away. And I don't regret the decision.

The book is amazing right from the cover. So if your rule is "Not to judge book by its cover", you need to write an amendment immediately. And you can seek the opinion of the likes of "Arvind Kejariwal" in case you want to go deep and anal (particularly).

If one doesn't have enough time to read the entire book, reading this rule - the Rule #5 will be good enough. You can click on the photo and see what the great - "Fiorenzo Magni" is doing.

Let me explain - (this is from the book directly) - "The recently deceased Fiorenzo Magni (pictured below) - an Italian with Belgian inclinations - broke his collarbone in Stage 13 of the 1956 Giro d'Italia and used an inner tube clenched between his teeth in order to gain the leverage he needed to continue riding - and finish second."

How about some extra hard work, mates?

And then there is rule # VV. You will love it too.

What does the rule state?

Answer - "It never gets easier, you just go faster".

And see the glossary term above explaining what is "The Masturbation Principle". I love this principle (not because I have done it a lot), but it is such a funny way to explain that one should not be proud of breaking the rules. It is worthless being up tight or purist about following rules, but that doesn't mean that one should boast about break them either. Awesome.

The book is designed beautifully. Like hand crafted "Swiss Chocolates" which make you realize their texture and taste when eating them and leave a lingering taste for months afterwords, this book is an entire package. Full of funny anecdotes and cheesy lines.

For the sake of "not plagiarizing too much" I won't quote more form the book. I read it when I had a headache and stress from work and came out little elated. Talking to my friends and wife would have helped in that condition but then who wants to risk waking them up late in the night?

If you have spent time on the bike or trailing or anything that requires soul satiating grunt work (including office work), you are going to love this book. Please make it a point to bag, borrow, steal and read it like before like yesterday.

And don't forget to follow some rules, specially rule V, Rule VV and Rule #81 (Don't talk it up). I remembered the famous quote, "Talk is Cheap, show me the code" while reading Rule # 81.

PS - Icing on the cake is - the forward by - Greg LeMond.  

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