May 4, 2014

Besan Ladoo for Akshay Tritiya

My grandfather (mother's father) passed away on "Akshay Tritiya" 12 years ago. I fondly remember him as a sun tanned man, who was a man of his word. Like many families in Konkan he was one among many brothers who stayed back home taking care of Dev Dharma and parents and managing family fields. My grandparents had 5 children, four daughters and one son. All his kids are happily married.

When I remember my Ajoba, what I remember is a person who doesn't speak a lot. A person who has a reputation or "Dabdaba" in the village and who used to get many people visiting him everyday to ask Bhavishya. He had a keen ear and used to listen for hours. The solutions he proposed for people's sufferings were simple and not expecting any form of monetary benefits for him. When I used to listen to what people ask him and the solutions (todge) he offers I used to smile. E.g. there was a person who used to ask, "Kakanu Maka Kai Tari Hotaya" - "Sir, I sense something is happening to me." When someone walks to you with such a query what do you answer? Ajoba used to say - "Go the temple every day and offer your prayers." or "Take a copper foil and do a najar utarna". I think such solutions might give the person some confidence.

Ajoba used to look like "Bhimsen Joshi". He was all sun tanned due to hard work in the fields for over 40 years.

Gauri had prepared Besan Ladoos for Akshay Tritiya. It was served in the prasad for Akshay Tritiya. Offering food to God is one of my favorite traditions. Simply love it. Especially the way Modak's are served to Ganpati. "Ukdiche Modak" - love their form and taste. And love to eat them when they are soft on the evening of Ganesh Chathurthi.

Photos of the Besan Ladoo and Prasad. I must say that the ladoos had the nice "rawa" texture. And Rawa was not added to the besan.

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