Jan 18, 2014

Places to send plastic for recycling in Pune.

Hello Friends, I wanted to know if there are any places (in Pune) where we can send plastic collected. TIA.

Consolidating the responses I got for Pune.

Dear Mr Marathe.

There are a lot of places to collect and recycle plastic.
Depending on the type and amount collected, the recycling is classified.
You can contact Shriman Enterprises for Plastic and Paper related recycling inquiries,
We had contacted them for our Fruity(Tetra-pack) and other plastic waste recycling.
They Recycle Tetrapak waste which includes plastic aluminum and also work for plastic recycling.
Their No is shared below.

Thank you

Please go to the website of the Plastic Manufacturers Association of Pune, and U'll find, they were offering to pick up door to door at an attractive price, to take for recycling... I'm not sure if it is continuing.
You may also contact Laxmi Narayan of SWACH - her email id is - wastematterspune@gmail.com
Just realised Swach is collecting garbage in PCMC and now in PMC also. Their employees earn by recycling all the recyclable waste.This includes plastic also. one can verify from their website.


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