Dec 25, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street

Behind every great fortune there is a crime. 
Honore de Balzac
Balzac was a French playwright. Mario Puzo's book Godfather opens with his lines above. 
Our then finance minister Manmohan Singh began his maiden budget speech with the famous lines from Victor Hugo - " No power on earth canstop an idea whose time has come." MMS implemented the ideas put forward by Narshimha Rao's government and took India on the liberalization route. Most of us working in the filed of Information Technology field have our jobs due to steps taken by Rao's and Vajpayee's governments. 

The reason I remember all this is the movie, "Wolf of Wall Street". I am not aware of charismatic personalities on the Wall Street. Persons who had a bohemian lifestyle which every youngster would like to imitate. But I am aware that Harshad Mehta was India's first rock star stock broker. He drove a Lexus in the 90s. It's tragic that in-spite of his riches Harshad died at a young age from heart attack.

The movie shows how a stock broker got hungry enough to found a stock broking company. How he rose to become a wolf. The word wolf is to be noted. He is neither a bear or bull. He is a wolf. What that means is he is not going to be hungry at any time. A wolf is ruthless and from what I know they can hunt in solo and form a pack as well. 

Leo is brilliant on the screen. Charismatic. His buddy, Donnie (Jonah Hill) is awesome too. 

Liked the movie. After quite sometime I was not bored to see a 3 hour long movie. 
Leo is shown to land in trouble, go to jail, get divorced (twice). In short he is shown to be pathetic. Gives the viewers freedom to draw their own conclusions about the "right" and "wrong". Liked the way it is done, in a non-preaching way.

Photo : A floating casino on the banks of river Mandovi, in Panaji Goa. Gamblers might be generating employment for Goans. Not sure if operating them is "good" or "bad". Makes me remember Gekko and his dialogue from the movie - Wall Street - "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good".

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