Sep 16, 2013

the Namesake - The book and the movie

I got the idea to read the book after listening to Irfan Khan talk about the movie with so much passion. Arnab Goswamy has done the interview really well.

The book is amazing. There are many parts where you feel that this might be happening with me as well. The relation between father and son is depicted beautifully. The tenderness of the relation is hard to explain but the author has done it.

Although Irfan says the incident in the car where he tells Gogol the reason he named him Gogol and one in the telephone booth are his favorite moments from the movie, the one that strikes me is the way Gogol says that he shaved his head on the death of his father because "he wanted to". That is a touchy moment. Similarly when Gogol's wife cheats on him, it makes us remember the times he slept with a married women and felt guilty only after several times he has already done that. One more touchy incident is the way his father waits for him at the railway station, in the cold.

Tabu is awesome in the movie and so is Irfan Khan.

The way the author narrates how kids born in the US feel that US is their country and not India is worth thinking about. However the person who tells Ashoke to venture out and see the world makes sense too.

Few movies make you think after you stop watching them. After seeing and reading about many immigration success stories "the Namesake" is something which remains in my subconscious. I have been thinking about the incidents in the book while I was reading it.

Good read, must watch.

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