Aug 24, 2013

Durga Shakti

Update - Durga Shakti Nagpal appointed OSD to Union Agriculture ministry
Question - I hope that this appointment was only on the basis of her talent and not because she fought Akhilesh's government.

Question - How does one measure performance of an OSD? I mean how will we know what are Durga Shakti's accomplishments in five years from now? 

After watching this video telling the story of how Durga Shakti Nagpal tried to fight the sand mafia, I am going to suggest everyone to name their girl Durga Shakti. It sounds so brave and awesome.

Durga is 28 years old, stood 20 in the UPSC exams of 2009 and took good administrative actions in 10 months. She rubbed the salt at wrong places and paid the price for it. She says she was acting per orders of the District Magistrate. Which may be very well the case.

As I always say one incident should not lead us to say that IAS officers are tormented by the ministers. That would be an oversimplification. In fact I think the whole scheme of building a case against Durga Shakti on grounds of disturbing communal balance in the village would have been very well orchestrated by another IAS officer in the Akhilesh government. It is a fact that bureaucrats know lot of workarounds and work hand in hand with the government machinery. In fact Netas have to face the people in five years whereas IAS officers are protected by the Constitution of India. But that would be when you take holistic view of things.

When we see Durga speak it is a sign of hope. This incident will surely spoil her career as an administrative officer. Doesn't the fact that she was trapped or rather let her trap lets people doubt her shrewdness as an administrator? And being caught unaware is the last thing you expect the person responsible for your district administration to land in.

But in all for a 28 year to show such a courage is impeccable. And the questions she asks at the end of the interview makes us like her more. Durga can definitely make good career as a politician.

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