Feb 17, 2013

Special Scholarship Distribution Program for Visually & Physically Challenged students

Last week my friend Manuj Pandey told me that Rahul Deshmukh and NAWPC are working to get donations to enable education for the visually and physically challenged students.

I personally know Rahul. I have meet him a couple of times. I admire his energy. His work with the students is something which inspires me at personal level. He was felicitated many times. He has met Amir Khan too. Please check the website for NAWPC. Please check the email from Rahul.

I would request everyone to help. I think it can be a good deed one does on birthday, kids birthday or anniversary. The amount can be the small amount we spend enjoying an evening at the movies too. Please contribute. Let me or Rahul know in case of any questions. Please share with your friends and family too.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We would like to inform you that we, National Association For The Welfare Of Physically Challenged (NAWPC), Pune are working for the computer education & betterment of Visually & Physically Challenged students since last 13 years through various projects & activities. 

We are pleased to share it with you that we are the first & only organization of its kind in Pune City running Computer Training Centre, Digital Library & Recreation Centre for Visually & Physically Challenged students. We are glad to share it with you that we have received Local & National Level 17 Awards for this work. You can get all details of  this work on our website www.nawpc.org

My own struggle, self experience as a Visually Challenged youth has inspired me to take initiative towards empowering Visually & Physically Challenged to prove them in the society. Being Founder President since 1999; I have tried to design all such Projects & Activities that can empower Blind & Disabled to prove their talents & potentials in this competitive world. 

Currently more than 150 such students are taking benefits of our Projects & Scholarship distribution program along with our various activities for their all-round development throughout the year. Today more than 650 students have passed out of the institute and are employed in various fields of work like – education, banking, private, government sector and so on. Not only are they now leading their lives with dignity but they are also inspiring other physically challenged individuals to walk the path towards self-reliance.

This is our third year to provide scholarships to selected Visually & Physically Challenged students who are bright but financially weak to support their College education. We started scholarships with 100 students, Last year we provided it to 150 students. We are very happy to inform you that the performance of majority of these students to whom we supported is very well. Some of them have stood first in all from their colleges for graduation & courses like B.Ed. & many of them have secured Distinction.

So, we have decided to reach to more number of such students this year; to support them for their further college education. We are planning to support 200 such Visually & Physically Challenged students. We would like to inform you that at this time approximate costing for this scholarship project is Rs. 5,00,000/-    
( Five Lakh only). We are seeking financial support for the same.  

It is with great efforts and great help from our well wishers & society that we stand here today. We do not receive government grant or any permanent financial support.  Running & expansion of this work is possible due to helping hands from society. 

We would like to request you to support us for this Scholarship Project for 200 sincere & needy Visually & Physically Challenged students .Your help will also be reciprocated with a humble gesture on our part - an Income Tax Exemption Certificate   u/s 80-G of Income Tax Act 1961 in return of your financial support.

We hope that you would like to provide us financial support for our initiative in building carriers of these bright students & to make them important contributing factor of our nation in coming future!

 Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Rahul Deshmukh
Founder President
Snehankit Association For The Non Seeing Friends &
National Association For The Welfare Of Physically Challenged (NAWPC), Pune
Address: 'Annabhau Sathe Vidyalay', Kumthekar Road, Near Laxmi Road, 
                Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411030.
      Mob: 9822595757   Tel: 020-24479900 
Website:  www.nawpc.org

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