Nov 4, 2011

Dell inspiron 1525 over heats & shuts down - What a relief, thank God it was a Monday!!!

I had serious problem with my laptop for the last year and half. It used to shut down intermittently, without any reason what soever.

I did not watch an entire movie, play playlist I encountered or even finish a lesson from a book without it being shut down. The CPU fan used to make strange loud sounds and thump, the computer used to shut down.

I was so irritated with it and so were my friends. I used to connect to TV to watch movies and don't remember a time I saw a full movie at stretch. The only time it worked was the Cricket World Cup Final - 2011, and we won it. I guess we were destined to win it, even my laptop did not do what he was so much used to doing.

I bought a vacuum cleaner to clean the laptop as dust overheats the processors and the PC is shut down. Suse Linux was downloaded, burnt to a DVD and installed on the PC. No luck still.

Finally and finally I opened the laptop hood for the n'th time, but this time I Googled more and decided that I will go as deep as I can. Man I was so frustrated that I was seriously thinking of stopping using the laptop. As I opened the thermal cooling assembly and started cleaning under the fun, I found a large lump of dust. And that was the Eureka moment. I knew he was going to do good going forward. I kept him switched on for 50 hours and there was no sign of fatigue. He was inviting me to have fun, chat with friends, read, write, introspect and if I have the time, learn something new, some newer technology. I am so glad. Long live the help links on Google.

And I have told this story to as many as 10 people till now.

Evidences :

1) The dust lump. I am sure there is much more inside. But we will take it up later.

2) The hero for the week

So what are the lessons learnt? 

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