Jul 9, 2011

Rest in peace - Sadhanatai Amte

Read about the sad demise of Sadhanatai Amte. She was the wife of Baba Amte, the great social servant working in the fields of giving new hope in the lives of leprosy patients.  

Baba and Tai lived a simple life and were together in their struggle. Tai has penned her experiences in a memoir, समिधा. I remember the instances of the couple going to Goa and meeting one Mr. Sadhle. I think it was in Ponda and the other one was the way Baba thought that women should be independent and self sufficient. Mind you this was some 60 years back, way way ahead of his time.

Got Tai's photo while surfing the Internet. Its below. Thanks Poonam for uploading it. 

Rest in peace, Sadhanatai. We will remember you, for many years to come.

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