Feb 12, 2011

Read list 2010

Contd :

16)Idli Orchid Ani Mi : Vitthal Kamat's story on setting up the Orchid Group Hotels.

17)Chandawishayi : Baba Awchat's writings on his hobbies. Part on reading and flute are good.

18)Bionics - Nature As A Model : Why and how should our designs should mimic the nature. Robust and elegant!

19)Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight : Made me think what I eat and how I live.

20)Simplicity : A good book on Good Design by John Maeda. The book is small and beautiful.

21)Ekam : Milind Bokil novel on the life of a lonely writer.

22)Lokshayi Zindabad : Yogendra Yadav's study of the democracy in the Indian Subcontinent.

23)Rutuchakra : Durgabai Bhagvat writes how the nature changes each season. Biology should be taught this way. Henry David Through had a great influence on Durgabai.

24)Goin : Rani Bang's compilation of plants and herbs in Gadchiroli.

25)Parammitra : Jaywant Dalwi writes about his friends. Includes interviews with Bhavusaheb Khandekar too.

26)Ward Number 5 : KEM : Doctor Ravi Bapat's autobiography. Doctor is really frank about his habits like smoking and drinking.

27)Apulki : Pu. La. Deshpande writes on his friends and intellectuals. Loved the part on Madhav Achwal and J. P. Naik.

28)Naticharami : Meghna Pethe is quite frank with telling what is it to be a women. She somehow misses the most important part of womanhood, the mother! Ask a mother Meghna, I will say. All mothers of all species.

29)iCon : Steve Job's biography. The first book I read on my PC fully.

30)Word Smart for the GRE : Used to learn for half an hour every day. Thanks to Rajaram Bhai and Ahsish for the book. Wanted to read it for last four years. Did it finally.

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