Feb 12, 2011

Read list 2010

What I read in 2010. Here is what I read in 2009 and in 2008. Realize that its a good thing to jot down what I read, or I forget it all together.

1)Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish : Rashmi Bansal tells story of IIMA Alumni who have made it big, in entrepreneurship. Liked the part where she shares the stories of people who made it big in the social sector. A great inspiration.

2)Nivdungachi Bonde : The social leader, Shirubhavu Limaye writes about his expiriences about the partition of India, Goa Libeartion Movement and the torture of the portuguese police in Goa. Could relate to him as he tells the description of Aguvada fort and Goa. Bought this book at the Marathi Sahitya Samellan in Pune. It was so much fun with Somesh, Sucheta and Manaswani. The color Goola we had there was just awesome. Still remember the way a oldie asked how to buy one!

3)How to read a balance sheet : A do it as you read book by Prof. Bhattacharya taught me the basics of balance sheets. A good book, it teaches as you read and do. Reminded me of the way my Operations Research professor Uday Amonkar taught us. 

4)Mi Vedi Nahi : This novella by Gurunath Naik describes story of a Hadapsar girl overcoming obstacles and getting ahead in life. I read it just to kill time in the bank as my father was finishing his work.

5)Marathi Vadnmayacha Galiv Ithihas : Read this book by Pu La the nth time. Felt good. 

6)Eka Mungiche Atmavruta : Gangadhar Gadgil writes about writing as a creative process. Made me crave to read his novel on the life of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Drudamya. Must read.

7)Radiovaril Bhashane ani Shrutika : Collection of Pu La Deshpande's writings and plays on the radio.

8)Man of Steel : Vir Sanghvi writes about the lives of business leaders. The part describing Ratan Tata, Nus Wadia and rest are worth reading. Sometimes you are really lonely at the top.

9)From Jugaad to Systamatic Innovation : Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan tells us about the steps we need to take to make India a powerhouse of product innovation. His take on issues facing India is awesome. He could have dwelt better on the state of affair of things in the social and political life.

10)New Age of Innovation : Prof. C. K. Pralhad writes about the way companies need to adopt and colaborate to survive in a flat world. 

11)Harvard Business Review on Innovation : Starts with defining what innovation is, how to do it and what to do and what not to do.

12)Don't make me think : Steve Krug does a 101 for good web site design. Liked the part where he tells about the importance of accessibility standards in your website.

14)Design of Everyday Things  : Donald R. Norman's book on the need to be simple and intuitive in design of day to day things. Accessibility is the most important thing for good design. Did not finish the book. 2011.

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