Apr 14, 2010

The dream that was GEC

I was talking to one of my teachers in college today and realized that its been three years and more we said good bye to our alma matter. Around this time in 2006 we were busy with photo sessions and general time pass. Most of the people from my class were placed in good IT companies and were cushy. Those were the good days.

Four years at Goa Engineering College (GEC) were a dream to me. I have fond memories of time spent here and thought I should jot them down.

1)Camaraderie : First cake of my life was cut in college on my 21st birthday. I still remember the day when Brijesh and Ashish got a cake with a candle on top and we celebrated in our hostel room. The room near to toilet in Hostel II. We were different people, with some uniqueness still united to form a force. We showed unity to complain against a sincere teacher who took pains to teach us Object Oriented Programming and was serious enough to give assignments and actually teach in class. But there was character in these "silly" revolts.

2)Organizing : Our class involved seriously in organizing Happenings and Kalp'05. I did not contribute much towards Happenings, but my classmates did. They put up a fantastic show.  Somesh was the General Secretary of CURSOR(Computer Students Association) and we worked real hard for KALP. We got darkly sun tanned to collect money from sponsors for the event. It was fun to meet people and explain what we are doing and why?

3)Talking : In my final year I was the chairman of CURSOR. Ashish was the placement secretary of CURSOR and we did put a good show. All of us volunteered in the placement activities real hard. Vividly remember the night Cognizant came and selected quite a few of my classmates. We were in real joyous mood and hardly slept. Placements taught me the importance of talking. The confidence shown by our placement officer Rajesh Kulkarni, helped to invite some companies on our own and people got selected. It was so much fun to see people getting selected.

4)Reading and swimming : I regained my old hobby of reading at college. Because there was no water for bath we went for bath at Nageshi lake and I had hands on swimming.

5)Some studies : I liked economics, compilers and discrete mathematical structures in college. I want to study them in detail.

Looking back I think there are some things I should have done.

1)Fight : We never fought hard. Be it the question of pathetic hostels, bad(or no) hostel food, irregular buses, illogical assignments or not so good teachers we never fought hard. I think it was just the fear of breaking the status quo that we did not raise our voice.

2)Know the real problems : I never knew what was going around, in Goa and in India. The picture of a superly powerful India was painted and I was prey to it. There was so much written, talked and discussed but I missed it. Rarely subjects of national and international importance were discussed in our canteens. We as citizens did not do anything which will benefit the society which paid for our highly subsidized education.

3)Passion for a subject : I should have developed a passion and in depth knowledge for a subject or rather a subset of it. College was the best time to do it. There was lots of time at hand and no particular pressure to perform. Fortunately GEC library is one of the best.

4)Networks : Goa has a very good management school, the Goa Institute of Management, a very good research body, the National Institute of Oceanography and a strong Computer Science Department at Goa University. We as students should have collaborated and worked to solve some real time problems. This would have made us more open minded and of course knowledgeable.

Not all dreams are romantic, but at my age most of them are. Life at GEC was one such dream. It gave me a lot of confidence and fuel to go on. I am sure the newer students at GEC will do what I din't and make all of us proud.

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