Jan 8, 2010

What did I read in 2009

I wrote same post last year. Its been a year. Time to write again.

Later last year I got the habit of taking notes, goggling more and discussing the topics I read too. Thank to my friends Rajaram, Abhijit, Somesh, Sharath who told me what reading is really. The whole point is to understand.

1)What is mathematics really? Reuben Hersh says that maths is a social science. I should thank Infosys for getting this book in our library on my request. Its a good book on philosophy of mathematics.

2)White Tiger : Read this book during holiday in Goa.

3) Weirdos in the Workplace : What is weirdness? Who can afford to be weird. What does weirdness bring in?

4)Sriramkrishna, Charitra Ani Upadesh

7)Kar Ke Dekho : An excellent book. Do it first. A great collection of speeches given by great people in Pune.

9)Marathi Vdymayacha Galiv Ithihas : Awesome book by Pu La Deshpande. What a great book it is.

10)Baki Shunya : Kamlesh Walawalkar tells the story of a bright intelligent person. Remember Kosla.

12)Age of Turbulance : I am yet to finish this book. A very good treatise on capitalism.

16)Johad : Dr. Rajendra Singh's biography. I have a copy signed by Rajendraji itself.

17)CLR Via C# : Read only one chapter.

18)Mazha Hi Ek Swapna Hota - I too had a dream : Too good a book. My friend Manuj Pandey gave me a copy too.

19)iWoz : Autobiography of Steve Wozniak. Its fun, great lesson.

20)Banker to the Poor : Paisa wasul. Microfinance start up manual. Too good a book.

21)Gita Pravachane : The great Vinoba Bhave writes on Gita. Its written by Sane Guruji, based on Vinoba's lectures in jail.

22)Mukkam Shantineketan : Pu La Deshpande's stay in the Shantiniketan.

23)Udakayichya Arti : Human side of people in the social forums. I have recorded the book in mp3. Will upload soon.

24)Tambaku Ki Vishakriya : How bad tobacco is!

25)Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , Jivan Rahasya : Late Narahar Kurundkar, the think tank of Rastra Seva Dal, tells how Shivaji was a visionary.

26)Tharla Dolas Whaicha : A book by Narendra Dabholkar of Andhasharaddha Nirmulan Samiti, challenging today's youth to fight the real problems we have.

27)Vichar Tar Karal : Narendra Dabholkar of Andhasharaddha Nirmulan Samiti, asks many questions which make me think.

28)Prakashwata : Dr. Prakash Amte journey of life. Gave this book as the Bhavubij to my sister Sharadha.

29)Sant Gadgebaba : What a man Gadge Baba was!

30)Mumbai Dinank : Arun Sadhu's novel, Sinhasan and Mumbai Dinank are the sources for the movie Sinhasan.

31)Samagra Mate Narmade : How green are green advocates are? Are we prepared for an alternative economy? Dattaprasad Dabholkar explains the politics of movements(chalwal's).

32) Jyotiba Phule Ani Stri Mukticha Vichar : Dr Gale Amwhet tells how Mahatma Jyotirao Phule was a leader way ahead in deeds and thoughts.

33)Karyarat : Anil Awachat tells about life of some great social experimenters. Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar is an illusionary example.

34)Ek Shunya Mi : I recorded this book in mp3. Pu La's articles on life and social causes.

35)Kharekhure Idols : The people who make real difference.

36)Sharad Pawar Ek Vichar : How Saheb has changed a thought process in Maharastra.

37)Paryayi Vikas Niti : Vilasrao Salunke delves on the concept of alternate economics.

38)Fidel, Che ani Kranti : A journey of the Cuban revolution.

39)Gangot : Biographies of people Pu. La. Deshpande met.

And some more in January 2010 :

1)Mi Nastik Ka Ahe : Bhagat Singh's explanation on why he is an atheist.

2)Aple Vrusksha : This is a reference book. Tree watching can be a hobby. I owe Mahajan Sir a Gurudakshina.

3)Bhramak Vastushastra : How wrong Vastushastra, Feng Shui is...

There is so much to read and understand.


Mayur said...

wow..........great going!
Anyway I would like to share my readings for previous month

1) saat sakam threchalis by naav agadi othawar hoto visaralo :)
2) ekam by milind bokil
3) Jaanivanchya Murti by Pravin Davane
4) Prasad by V S Khandekar
5) one book by Raju Parulekar (sorry forgot the name)
6) Romancing with life by Dev Anand
7) Now that you are rich by Durjoy Datta & Maanvi Ahuja
8) Baandh Anu baandh by Kamal Padhye

marathepa said...

Thanks Mayur. Whats your email id? And great titles man!

rani said...

Great choice.
Also read Kharekhure Idols Prt 2 and Assal Marathi Big Boss

Dhanashree Bedekar